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Sometimes we have a story in our head that releasing excess weight will be hard… I know because I have been there. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way and we can teach you how. The Right Size Body Method is all about renewing hope, and finding the confidence within yourself to live in your Right Size Body, so you can show up in a life, body and business you love!

The Right Size Body Method


All of our coaching programs utilize the “Right Size Body Method” for sustainable weight release and include all access to the content. Through a series of five learning modules, you will learn the building blocks needed to create your personal own personal success within the program.  The modules build upon one another and help you create new habits and strategies to re-wire your brain and create a new, healthier relationship with food. All while releasing excess weight.


The Right Size Body Method consists of:


1. Right Size Body Food Plan

A flexible food plan which can be gently modified and tweaked to meet your personal needs, while adhering to the core Eating Guidelines of the program. Receive meal preparation tips, lots of easy and tasty recipes all designed to help make food planning and prep so much easier.

2. Tools & Strategies

Coaching tools and strategies designed to help retrain your brain and stay on the program even while navigating day to day life or especially when life throws you challenges and/or curve balls.  We give you strategies that will help you develop self-confidence around the choices you make with your food plan, including real life situations.

3. Mindset Support & Spiritual Practice

Mindset guidance including an introduction to meditation and other spiritual practices which play an important role in releasing weight and achieving your health goals for the long-term. Creating and establishing a daily spiritual practice is at the core of this program. Yes…things can get a bit “woo woo” around here. 🙂

4. Community!

Surround yourself with a community and tribe of like-minded women for support, encouragement and a bit of cheer-leading!!! Be prepared to share with others for a more engaging experience because the path is not always easy… and sometimes it is nice to know you are not alone.  Don’t underestimate the power of this supportive community and remember, if you could’ve done it on your own, you would have already done it.


Why It Works


This method has been successfully used to connect our body, our mind and our soul to this transformational process which allows us to release weight and find a new peace with food that we have likely never experienced before.  This method brings everything together with proven strategies and tools that set you up for success.  If you follow the methodologies used in the Right Size Body Method, you will release weight.

I am 100% invested in you and your success and have created a program which sets you up for success.  Now I am not going to lie, YOU will need to do the work and show-up and YOU need to be ready.  And when you are, my job is to support and teach you how to do this on a consistent basis, how to create new habits which will support your “right size” life and most importantly offer a community of support and love.

I know that there is a heavy dose of self-care required on this journey, and I make it my mission to help guide you through this process and give you a good dose of self-love.

So let’s do this!

Our Programs:

Option 1: Find Your Weigh Group Coaching Program:


Let’s spend 90 days working together so that you can start living life in your Right Size Body.

The Find Your Weigh group coaching program includes:

  • “Right Size Body Method” course content
  • The Right Size Body Method Get Started Guide (everything you need to help you start the program right)
  • Membership in our private Facebook group where you’ll meet other like-minded women. There, you will also have access to all the best tips and recipes, as well as exclusive video content
  • You will be a part of our monthly group coaching call
  • You will also have two 1:1 coaching calls with me throughout your journey

Are you ready to join the tribe? Get started on your journey now and book your Discovery Call now!

Option 2: Healthy Weigh VIP Program:  


Do you need more accountability and more one-to-one coaching on your weight release journey? Become a Healthy Weigh VIP!

You’ll have a weekly 1:1 coaching call with me, and daily access to support from me via text.  This program also includes full access to the Find Your Weigh program.  Get all the benefits of being a part of this amazing tribe, as well as additional one on one support when you sign up to be a VIP. You are worthy of this.

Are you ready to create your new Right Size Body? Book a Discovery Call and get started today


I am amazed at how this has become a lifestyle change, enjoying all of the fresh food and how everything actually tastes!! Not missing the breads and pasta as much as I thought I would. Take a bad food out and put another fresh food in!! Can’t wait for Summer and all the fresh produce again!! I have released 82 lbs. with Marietta’s help. I am somewhere I never thought I would see again…healthy and happy! My doctor is amazed!

Judy, Age 42, Ontario, Canada

The program has been great for me and now it is just a part of who I am. I have released 31 pounds over four months and I am so happy and content.  My daughter got married in June and it was a pleasure shopping for my dress… and I felt great at the wedding.  This is just a part of who I am now… and finally finding peace with my food at 67 is wonderful.

Anita, Age 67, Ontario, Canada

I have never had a food coach that believed in me and stuck by me as much as Marietta. She is an inspiration, masterful at her craft, and really cares about my success at the deepest levels.  She keeps me accountable with humour and love, and I feel safe talking about the most sensitive issues with her, knowing she will never judge. I’ve stayed away from the body scale so as not to get distracted by numbers, but I can say that after one month, I feel smaller, my clothes fit better, and I am feeling more confident. I feel clearer, my body hurts less, and I am setting an awesome example for our family.  So thankful to have found Marietta, our work together is changing my life! Xo

Nicky, Age 35, Idaho, USA