About Us

Marietta believes that physical transformation through weight-release is possible for anyone…at ANY age!  She is passionate about teaching others how to redefine their connection with their body and how to finally find peace with food relationship.

Through her own lengthy and very personal struggle with weight, Marietta founded Right Size Body.com and has created the revolutionary and life changing “Right Size Body Method” to release weight, and keep it off- for good!

Today, through her strategic coaching, online group programs, Marietta helps people around the world to transform their body so they can confidently show up in their Right Size Life and Right Size Body.  The unique methodology created by Marietta, empowers a transformation that impacts families and changes the lives of her clients forever…and far beyond a physical release of weight.

How did you get to be a Weight-Release Coach TM ?

I believe that I was put on this earth to help women find their Right Size Body. I love this work, because I know what it’s like to be on the other side.

I have always really enjoyed preparing and eating food. However, after years of making excuses for my unhealthy relationship with food, I was desperate to find a way to release the excess weight that was holding me back from living my best life. I tried everything on the market, and spent more money than I care to admit on pills, potions, and magic solutions.

After many failed attempts at truly releasing the weight, I began doing research to try to get to the root of the problem. I discovered the addictive qualities of sugar and flour, and committed to letting go of these foods for good.

Today, I still enjoy preparing and eating food, but I do so in my Right Size Body. And I know the same is possible for you. The Right Size Body Method used in the group coaching and 1:1 programs builds upon what worked for me as I released 75 pounds, while also offering mindset support, and a community of women to provide accountability and encouragement.

If you’d like to read more about my story, click here.

How is “The Right Size Body Method” different from other “diet” programs?

Our “method” will introduce you to a lifestyle, not a diet. There are no ongoing product purchases, and there is no exercise required. We address addiction to flour and sugar, and commit to removing these foods from our plates. We retrain the brain, and provide you with tools and resources that you can take forward with you after you complete the program. Best of all, you can benefit from this program from the comfort of your home or office, just by connecting via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We teach you how to release weight!

Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are women like me (and a few brave men), who are determined to release 30 or more pounds of excess weight. Some are parents, grandparents, some are professionals, and some are entrepreneurs. Many clients identify as emotional eaters and or food addicts, or describe their relationship with food as borderline obsessive. Some are not aware of food addiction, but once we start the conversation, the quickly recognize themselves in the patterns and behaviours of this disease.    What we all have in common is a battle with our weight that holds us back in our lives, our relationships, and our careers.  We are too busy to get to the gym or to a meeting, and we are not interested in the 12-step approach. We are spiritual, soul-minded women, who feel empowered when we invest in ourselves. My clients are willing to do anything to solve this one problem that is keeping them stuck.

What type of personality do you work best with?

Women who are comfortable with being uncomfortable, who are ready to put in the work, and who are open to things they’ve never tried before. If you are not a spiritual person, or you are not interested in mindset work, then we will probably not be a good fit.

Who this program won’t work for?

If you are not willing to consider food restrictions, or is not interested in doing mindset and spiritual work, then this program is probably not right for you. You are also not a good candidate for this program if you have less than 30 pounds of excess weight that you wish to release. As with anything, you get out of it what you are willing to put into it and it is important that you really are ready to take the action required.

What is The Right Size Body Method?

Through many years of struggling with my own weight, spending A LOT of money on many different programs and products, suffering through years of heartache and sadness around my weight, I finally figured it out and have created a combination of systems and process that worked for me and finally resulted in my own personal transformation.  It is combines spiritual and soulful, mindset approach, with a healthy food plan free of processed food, to create what I believe to be a revolutionary method and approach to release weight and find your way to your “right size body”.

What does the Right Size Body Method and the Find Your Weigh program entail?

The Right Size Body Method builds upon four main components and tools you need to be set up for success, including

  1. A easy to implement food plan (including a few meal plans)
  2. Mindset support (we are a spiritual tribe)
  3. Tools and activities to help with brain re-training and healing and
  4. A community of like-minded women who are also travelling this path and provide you with encouragement, support and all the tools you need to be successful on your journey.

In addition, you will receive ongoing support in the form of recipe ideas, meal planning tips, and monthly coaching calls. We want you to be successful and do what we can to ensure you get the results you are seeking.

To make implementation even easier, the entire program is housed within a closed and private Facebook page…no need to log into a special site…everything you need is right there in a forum that you are likely visiting on a regular/daily basis anyways.  We recommend checking in at least once a day and then having alerts etc as part of your daily Facebook feed.

What is expected of me?

If you want results you have never had before, you need to be willing to do and be open to things that you have never done before…and I get that it won’t always be easy but I promise you will be worth it.  You must be willing to invest in yourself, invest time and energy.  You should decide you are willing and ready to release the things that haven’t worked in the past and I like to thing of it as surrendering to the process and doing the work that is needed…a no excuses, lets get it done attitude.  In fact, this is SO important that we take an “application” type approach to our membership programs….it needs to be a good fit for everyone and since it is my earnest desire for you to be successful, part of the process is to ensure that you are truly ready to begin this journey.

Throughout the program, you are expected to follow the RightSizeBody.com Eating Guidelines:

  1. Release all sugar, release all flour.
  2. All meals are weighed and measured.
  3. Three meals a day – no snacks!
  4. Food is planned and committed (written out) each morning.

You will need to be fully committed to following these guidelines, preparing and planning your foods, and using Facebook to access our community for support and resources.

Meal and vegetable preparation does take time…but the great news it gets easier and faster over time…your vegetable chopping skills will become much more efficient and choosing food that fits the RSB food Plan becomes second nature…many of our members tell us they can’ t imagine “going back” to their old way of eating…and that this is actually easier!

It is estimated to take about 4-5 hours a week to commit to meal and prep time plus interacting with other members in the group if you so chose.

How will I know if I am ready?

As with any big decision or undertaking, it will likely feel scary and let’s face it, often we aren’t used to investing in our selves and it can be uncomfortable…it can be a real stretch mentally and financially…we totally get that! And in the past, you likely invested in other “weight loss” programs and been unsuccessful, so there may even be some deeply entrenched limiting beliefs around how this could possibly be any different than the “other 100 times”.   The good news is, this is definitely DIFFERENT!  It is unlikely that you have never approached this problem from a food addiction perspective…and that is a game changer.  When you eliminate the foods that keep your brain racing and all-consuming, it makes room for other thought and frankly energy and thoughts for a much easier way of being in the world.

There is an element of anticipation and unshake-ability that you will feel…and you will know that it is the right time for you.   And that may not be today, and that’s ok…we will be here when you are ready.  It is hard to describe how you will know but honestly…you will and you will need to trust yourself.  Just remember, the hardest part is getting started…and we are here to make it easier.   If you could have done this on your own, you would have already done it!

Does this really work?

Feedback from our clients is overwhelmingly positive. Women who follow “The Right Size Body Method” get the results they are looking for. Once you get started, the program is simple to follow and honestly just becomes the way you eat and live.  Like anything new, it just takes some time to adjust but honestly once you do, it really is easy and you will find it just becomes your “new habit” and new way of being in the world…your new relationship with food becomes second nature.  Our clients are often surprised at how quickly and easily they release the weight and it is not unusual for members to release 10lbs per month, especially during the initial 90 Day Healthy Weigh program. They also find that the weight comes off in places that it never has before (e.g. the stomach and back).

If you are willing to show up for your life, you can expect an amazing transformation…. nothing short of a miracle! I promise!

What results can I expect?

Typically, women in the 90 Day Healthy Weigh program release approximately 10 pounds each month, early on and of course it depends how much overall weight you would like to release. However, everyone’s results will be somewhat different, as everyone’s bodies are different. We are committed to figuring out which program would best serve you and help you the results you want.

What happens if I don’t get my results?

Everyone’s body is slightly different, so some women may need a more individualized version of our food plan to get the results they want. I am 100% committed to your success in this – if you are not getting results, we will tweak your food plan until we find what works for you. Some bodies may also take a little longer to release the weight – you’ll never know until you get started, and we are here to help you figure it out!

How can I guarantee that I will release weight by following The Right Size Body Method?

If you do the work, you will get the results. There is no magic here.

How can I “recover” the investment that I put into this coaching program?

It’s difficult to put an “return on investment” or ROI on investing in our personal well-being and health. Our clients believe that the life-changing results they have gotten are well worth the investment they’ve made. This program provides our clients with a greater sense of well-being, and a willingness to show up differently in their lives and their businesses. Releasing this weight is truly an accomplishment – once you get this, everything else will seem easy!

Other clients have reported that they have saved money on groceries and eating out less often (you can still eat out if you like) because their meals are planned and the desire to eat out is less because of that…

For others, the new-found confidence means they are willing to take more action in other areas of their lives and show up, taking more “risks” like applying for a new job, meeting sales targets, because they have more energy to devote to these areas versus carrying extra weight mentally and physically.

On the flip side, what is the cost of inaction? How will you feel if one year from now, YOU are in the exact same position (or worse) …the cost of “lost opportunity”…I am not sure how to put a price tag on that except to say that as I approach my 5th decade, I wish I had started sooner!

How will we work together?

The Right Size Body Method program is delivered to you in an on-line format using the Facebook platform and/or email.   We do offer a few different ways to participate in our coaching programs.  No matter which option you chose, we will make sure it is the one that is best suited for you and will set you up for the most optimum results:

  1. Find Your Weigh

The Find Your Weigh group coaching program includes:

  • “Right Size Body Method” course content
  • The Right Size Body Method Get Started Guide (everything you need to help you start the program right)
  • Membership in our private Facebook group where you’ll meet other like-minded women. There, you will also have access to all the best tips and recipes, as well as exclusive video content
  • You will be a part of our monthly group coaching call
  • You will also have two 1:1 coaching calls with me throughout your journey


  1. Healthy Weigh VIP 1:1 Coaching Program

In addition to the Find Your Weigh group coaching program, you’ll have a weekly 1:1 coaching call with me, and daily access to support from me via text.  Get all the benefits of being a part of this amazing tribe, as well as additional one on one support when you sign up to be a VIP. You are worthy of this.

How long is the program?

The most popular program is 90 days in our group coaching program, and we offer rolling enrollment, which means that you can join any time! If you wish to stay on past 90 days, we can discuss those options with you once you get there or we also offer some 180 days.

I have a family and a busy life. Although I want to release weight, I don’t have much time to spare. How much time do I need to follow this program?

Everyone needs to cook, and food preparation time on this program should be no different. We do suggest committing some time on the weekends for batch meal preparation (about 1-2 hours). One of the wonderful things about our program is that, because food is planning is encouraged, figuring out what to cook every day is less overwhelming – especially when you take batch prep into consideration!

You will require about 30 minutes each morning to commit (write down) your food for the day and to keep up with your mindset practices. You will also need about 90 minutes each month for our group coaching call.

Do people ever re-join?

Absolutely! Women who have more weight to release, or who wish to remain a part of our community, often opt to stay on past the 90 days for continued support. But you don’t have to! You’ll receive all the tools you need to continue releasing weight, or to maintain your Right Size Body, by the end of this program.

How do we get started?

It’s so easy to get started, let us help you!

Click here to book a discovery call with me! With the confirmation of your discovery call appointment, you will receive an application for our program. Once your completed application and payment has been accepted, you will receive your Get Started Success guide, as well as an invitation to join our secret Facebook group.

Click here to access our “50 Weighs” Action Plan. This activity will be a helpful resource for you in preparing to commit to this program.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do. We accept credit cards or payment via PayPal if you are on a payment plan. If you are paying in full, we also accept e-Transfers.

Okay, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

I’d love to chat with you. Let’s have a conversation that will change your life.

Click here to book your discovery call now.